Read It: Sudden Flash Youth

Today's post comes from I Heart Daily reader Sara Hahn, 19, who wrote to us about a collection of short stories she loved! (Thanks Sarah!) Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short-Short Stories doesn’t contain the typical well-known and generic short stories you are required to read for English class. This collection, featuring 60 well-known and emerging authors, features young adults as the protagonists. The stories focus on relevant issues like relationships, sex, abuse, drugs, and technology to name a new. Additionally, each flash-fiction short story is limited to 1000 words in length, which means you can read a story in just a few minutes if you wish to do so! Some stories included:

In “First Virtual,” a teenage girl falls in love -- with another avatar in the computer world. Her alter-ego is pressured to lose her virginity, but she still isn’t sure if she is ready in this virtual life.

“After” is the recount of a boy who is verbally and physically abused by people he used to call his friends. He is too ashamed to tell his family about the pain he is feeling because he doesn’t want to ruin their sense of pride in the community.

“Haircut” tells the story of a girl whose new style shocks her family but pleases her friends. This new look, although she doesn’t intend it to, helps her discover a new sexual identity and place in the world.

This book kept me captivated, and while the stories are quick, easy reads, each one is unique and leaves a meaningful impression.  If you are looking for a collection of short stories which will actually pertain to your life, you should definitely check out Sudden Flash Youth.  I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down once you’ve started! —Sara Hahn

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