Take A Peep

Now, I do try to respect the integrity of religious holidays, but it's difficult to stay earnest when there's so much fun stuff surrounding them. Case in point: Easter. It's a holy day, but I can't help but get distracted by all the candy, especially Peeps -- the iconic sugar-covered marshmallow treats in the shape of chicks and bunnies. They're so cute! I've been perusing the website and it has a plethora of neat factoids about the candy. For instance, did you know that it takes six minutes to make one Peep? Probably not. My favorite section is the recipes, because 1) who knew there were recipes for Peeps? and 2) making food from candy is awesome.

This Yum Yum Platter (pictured) is Peeps "sushi," using rice crispy treats for the rice and fruit rolls for the seaweed wrap. If you have a zest for citrus, make these Chic Lemon Meringue Nests, and if you're feeling ambitious, try your hand at this very adorable Pool Cake, because even inanimate marshmallow creatures like to socialize and swim.

So, get pumped for Easter (and the sugar high that will accompany it).