What Do You Love About Yourself?

We are all about heart-ability here at I Heart Daily, and that includes… ourselves. Being appreciative of your own good qualities and taking time to recognize them are habits we should all get into. So here goes: I, Melissa, am a good listener, and my lips are well shaped! Anne has the best head of hair ever, and she's pretty funny too. Yay! Don't we all feel warm and fuzzy now? There's an article up on The Huffington Post right now that is collecting comments for a good cause. The story is about how often women put themselves down, and it cites a recent study that shows that negative self-talk can actually lead to depression. But this post? It's here to combat that behavior.

They're asking you to leave a comment saying something positive about yourself. For every comment up to 5,000, the Huffington Post Media Group will donate $1 to Girls Inc. (an organization we adore). How cool is that? Appreciate yourself, help a great cause get a pretty penny! Win-Win.

Leave your comments by April 10th. Go, go!