Cute, Affordable Lockets

While lockets are traditionally worn around your neck, who says they have to stay there? Put one in your hair, on your pinky, around your wrist or let them dangle from your ears. Here are four styles to help you keep it like a secret.  Locket Bobby Pin, proteales ($12, pictured). A tiny locket attached to a bobby pin makes for a simple yet unique hair accessory.

 Tiny Hearts Locket Earrings, PASSIONandPAISLEY ($16). I affectionately call this the "Can't Choose" locket. For instance, Katniss could put Peeta in one ear and Gale in the other. So convenient for love triangles.

 Floral Brass Locket Ring, SugarCity ($25). It will be easy to gaze at the object of your affection with this ring. Sneak a peek when you get bored in class.

 Love Letter Locket Bracelet, janiecox ($20).This adorable envelope locket comes with a special message inside -- "I love you."