How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

We are big fans of well shaped browns, and we've given tips and even pointed out some way-cute tweezers that are worth a look. But now, we have found the encyclopedia of eyebrows. I know, right? Finally! But seriously, this book, Raising Eyebrows: Your Personal Guide to Fabulous Brows by Cameron Tuttle (Chronicle), is full of tons of great info. It includes crazy eyebrow history (the Greeks wore eyebrow wigs), weird brow-related inventions (an eyebrow sleep shield--what?) and, of course, the practical stuff like how to get the best brow for your face shape and what to do about maintenance and at-home care.

We're not trying to say that you need a weekly beauty appointment, but everyone can use a little brow shaping now and then. It lifts your face, makes your eyes stand out more and generally adds to the put-togetherness of your whole look.

Master these tricks and we guarantee you'll raise a few eyebrows. (Sorry, had to.)