Pattern We Heart: Chevron!

Move over polka-dots. See you later plaid. Don't embarass yourself stripes. The new pattern in town is chevron. With its simple geometric lines, chevron evokes bold minimalism -- just enough oomph to make a statement without being too flashy (and we hate show-offs!). Here are three pieces that will inspire any wardrobe.  Chevron earrings, A Common Thread ($12, pictured). When you can't take another gold hoop or pearl stud, sliding these beauties into your earlobes will give you a brief reprieve from your average earring.

 Woven Strappy Back Dress, Charlotte Russe ($27). Peach and teal "v's" make this dress the equivalent of a smiling emoji -- cheerful and happy! The strappy back could give you a weird tan line, but that's why you wear sunblock (RIGHT??).

 Zig Zag Bag, Hansel From Basel ($32). OK, admittedly, I don't know if this particular pattern is technically chevron, but I own this bag and I love it. Plus, everyone tells me how cute it is.