Planned Parenthood Has a Tumblr!

We've shown our support for Planned Parenthood in the past... and we're going to do it again! Planned Parenthood has joined the tumblr family! Only a few weeks old, their tumblr is a fun and smart source of information. Not only do they cover all the things Planned Parenthood is known for, they also post about less heady stuff like TV shows and iPhone apps that tell you whether to break up with your boyfriend. Readers are invited to asked questions about topics like sex and birth control and abortion ("Ask Us Anything. No Judgement.") and there's even a link for a live chat for those times when stuff is urgent.

Thank goodness for Planned Parenthood and the invention of tumblr -- this is so much better than learning about sex ed from an old VHS tape in Health class. Head on over and start re-blogging!