Read It: Gilt by Katherine Longshore

Kayla, 17, is a guest book reviewer for I Heart Daily! She’s been writing reviews at her blog, Caught Between the Pages. She also enjoys thunderstorms, tennis, and being able to make someone laugh. Here is one of her latest recommended reads, Gilt, the first in a new series by Katherine Longshore: "Gilt is a book filled with danger, intrigue, and endless drama. Kitty finds herself keeping secrets that anyone could lose their head over -- literally. I was immediately wrapped up in learning about the 16th century class system, where most people would do anything to advance their status. I came into this knowing nothing extra about the historical background and now feel like I have a good understanding of the time period Cat and Kitty lived in. With wonderful descriptions of the setting, dialogue that is both as to the point and cutthroat as the class system, and a well defined, memorable cast of characters, Gilt is a book that I will turn back to again and again. It has everything a person could want in a historical novel: kings and queens, romance, suspense, and an ending that you’ll never forget."

Take the quiz to find out if you're more like Queen Cat or her best friend Kitty, and enter to win one of five copies of Gilt! You can start reading the novel right now, here.

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