Techy Fun: The Holga iPhone Lens

Holga... iPhone camera. iPhone camera... Holga? Analog or digital? Ah! It's The Debate of the 21st century. Well, now you don't have to get all Sophie's Choice over your means of photography, because there's the Holga iPhone Lens ($30, pictured). With a rotating arsenal of lenses, this attachment for the iPhone lets you achieve nine different effects: dual, triple and quadruple image, red filter, red filter with clear heart center (cute!), green filter, blue and yellow filter with clear center, macro, and the Holga hole, that creates a lo-fi vignette around an image.

The Holga iPhone Lens is the perfect accessory for those photography geeks who love the tactile feel of something you can fidget with, and not just click. This not only looks like fun -- it is fun!

Instagram, what?