Texting + Driving = Crazy

We've mentioned how dangerous it is to text while driving in the past, but there's a new video that you have to see, if only because it will really, really convince you on this front. A Belgian group gave people a test -- they had them text a message while driving on a closed track. The request threw off all of the drivers, who found the task impossible and took out more than a few cones along the way.

"Imagine that's a child," says the instructor.

Yikes. There have been too many fatal accidents caused by texting on the road. If you can't wait, pull over. Grab a friend's phone if she's driving and make the driver's seat a phone-free zone. We don't get preachy very often, but this whole texting-and-driving thing really burns our britches, and teens get blamed for it a lot, but studies prove that parents text and drive as much as teens do -- so share the video with them too.

Stay safe!