The Best Facial Masks for Oily Skin

It's getting hot out there. While that means fun things like the beach and cute dresses, it also means sweating more, oily skin and the subsequent zits caused by the aforementioned heat. Truth be told, my T-Zone looks like the Exxon Valdez oil spill. To help combat this, my summer beauty routine involves using a facial mask to draw out oil and help unclog pores -- it's like taking a ShamWow to your face. Apply a couple of times a week and these masks will improve the appearance and condition of your skin! Alba Botanical Deep Sea Facial Mask ($10). With sea enzymes, aloe vera and clay, this mask draws out the impurities that might cause breakouts. It's very gentle, and is a good choice for those with sensitive skin (it's hypo-allergenic).

Origins Clear Improvement ($15). When your skin needs some serious cleansing, try this charcoal-based formula by Origins. You can practically feel the gunk being sucked out of your pores as it dries. It's the Dyson of facial masks.

Freeman Facial Clay Mask ($4). This avocado and oatmeal purifying mask leaves skin feeling super soft -- it won't overdry -- making it perfect for combination skin types.