All Hail The Banana Clip!

OK, so I was in the process of rounding up a bunch of great hair accessories for you today. I found this studded headband, a giant neon clip and this cute candy barrette. But in the process of my "research," I realized what I was missing: the banana clip (pictured). For those of you not familiar with this '80s trend, the banana clip is essentially a very large hair comb -- shaped like a banana -- that gathers all of your hair into a cascading waterfall of locks. It is ubiquitus to the '80s as say, the jelly bracelet or Hypercolor shirt.

While "banana clip" searches on big-name stores like Target came up empty, I did find some on Amazon. This Goody three-pack sells for $4, and I would like to quote Amazon user "Bisou" who reviews this very item: "Many days would be awful hair days were it not for these 7" clips by Goody. There are a few imitators, but not one duplicator! I love the way they hold all of my hair together regardless if it's thick and tangled, or even wet. They're the best." SOLD!

While Hypercolor shirts tried to make a brief comeback (American Apparel sold "thermocromatic" shirts back in 2008), banana clips never had their retro-themed renaissance! It's their time to shine. I think Lady Gaga could really help make this happen.

You reading this, Gaga? Everyone tweet at her!