Aloe Vera: It Does A Body Good

Among the peaches, lemons and tomatoes in our backyard, my dad also grew several aloe plants. Whenever I'd get a burn, a sunburn, rash or skin irritation, he'd cut off a leaf of aloe and apply it to my boo-boo. Instant relief! So it's a mystery as to why it's taken me a couple decades to get my own aloe plant. Spurred on by mosquito bites and a day of too much sun, I stopped by my local nursery to pick one up, dabbed it on my itchy, burned skin and... ahhhhh.

Aloe vera is everywhere in beauty products, right? Lotions, toners, soaps, lip balms, etc. It's because its pretty much good for everything! Besides the uses I already mentioned, you can remove eye makeup, use it as a hair conditioner, and -- I just found this out -- apply as an acne treatment. Aloe contains salicyclic acid, a common ingredient in tons of blemish-fighting products, because it helps clear pores.

You can buy yourself an aloe plant pretty much anywhere: on Amazon, Home Depot, or any plant-friendly shop in your area. It is said that Cleopatra applied aloe on her face and skin every night to maintain her regal beauty. Hey, if it was good enough for the original diva, I'm sold.