Cool Girl: Shannon McNamara, 19, Founder of SHARE

Meet an amazing girl: Shannon McNamara. The 19-year-old Rice University student is the founder of SHARE (Shannon's After School Reading Exchange), an organization she started at the age of 15.

After learning of the disadvantages African girls have when it comes to education, Shannon made it her mission to cure this bias. Unlike a lot of us, who are expected to go to school and excel academically, many girls in Africa are instead dealt the hand of doing household chores instead of studying. The mission of SHARE is to help and encourage young girls in Africa to read and attend school.

Since starting SHARE in 2008, Shannon has donated 33,000 books, school supplies, computers and e-readers. In addition, she's started literacy programs, installed electricity and solar power in three schools, and built four libraries. With her idea and a lot of hard work and help, she has made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of girls in Africa. Joanitha and Magemi are two girls, who without SHARE, could not have attended school.

If you feel inspired, there are a lot of ways you can help. Shannon is, in our eyes, the ultimate Cool Girl.