Cute Gift Ideas From Mochi Things

We love it when readers scout stuff for us, and recently 14-year-old Joie emailed from Houston, Texas to tell us about Mochi Things. She wrote, "They make cute almost everything things," and we could not have said it better! Here are four of our favorites fromMochi Things:

 Cellphone Screen Cleaner ($3, pictured). Attach these little guys to your phone and then they're always ready to clean your screen. Adorable!

 Girl Reading a Book Bookend ($28). It's like they made a little replica of you to hold up all your books!

 Leaf Earphone Organizer ($6). Tangled earphones are the worst! Keep them in order smartly and chicly with these little leaves.

 Ghost Sticky Note ($5.30). We are huge post-it fans anyway, and these are transparent, just like spirits should be.