Dealing with Bullying

We've talked a lot about dealing with bullying -- from hearing stories of writers who've experienced it themselves to great anti-bully campaigns that offer real solutions. Being involved in a bullying situation -- whether as the victim, a bystander or even part of the bullying crowd -- is a tough situation that everyone experiences differently. Here are three more places to turn when you're wondering how to deal:

Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti. In this new book, the author opens up about her own experiences with being bullied and tells a touching tale of survival through fiction.

Meg's Video. The resident expert at shares tips on protecting yourself and putting the pain in perspective.

♥ Rookie's Earnest Attempt to Humanize Bullies. Tavi's awesome site does a series where people talk to their former tormenters (and tormentees). Lots of healing stuff here.