Eddy: So Worth Loving

Shelley Tibbetts has been helping out as a member of Team I Heart Daily, along with her work as the Digital Engagement Officer for Girls Who Rock (she’s a social media maven, all over Twitter and Tumblr). We’re happy to present her fourth guest post, where she interviews another very cool girl:Looking for a little inspiration for your iPod and wardrobe? Solution: Eryn Erickson (also know as Eddy). We talked to her about music, her clothing line and loving yourself!

I Heart Daily: How would you describe your music? Eddy: Musically it is pop, rock, electronica but lyrically it comes from a place of transparency. The lyrics we write are what we have felt and hope people can relate to them. My last EP "Start An Uproar" was an EP of empowerment. I felt I had people knocking down my dreams and aspirations so what came out of that was an anthem. I have an EP coming out today called "What We Had" and it is about relationships I have gone through and what I have seen my friends go through. We can't erase the past but we can learn from it.

IHD: What's on your playlist? E: I love to experiment with my sounds and right now, I'm listening to You Me At SixThe FaintEllie GouldingJosiah LemmingBrand NewChromeo, and Florence + the machine.

IHD: In 2011 you founded your own clothing brand, So Worth Loving. Tell us about it. E: So Worth Loving at its core is a community of broken people like me who have felt or still feel the unworthiness of love. Growing up I was ridiculed constantly for my size. I placed my value in that. After overcoming that and embracing my size, SWL evolved by me spray painting this simple phrase on my shirts, then my friends' shirts, then their friends', then random people all over the world. I wasn't alone in feeling unworthy and that was when I knew So Worth Loving is far more than just clothing. Confidence and self-love is rarely celebrated anymore. In fact it is branded as egotistical and we plan to change that through fashion.

IHD: Self-love is the core message behind your music and SWL. How do you embrace your individuality and avoid letting others define you? E: I came to a point in my life where everyone had their opinions of me and who I should become. I realized there won't be one person that doesn't have an opinion about me whether it's a good one or a bad one. Because of that, I will not fit into anyones mold but my own. Trying to please people is EXHAUSTING! Why do we do that to ourselves? I need to be confident in who I am and let the haters hate and love on the lovers. We can't afford to be anybody but ourselves.

IHD: How do you define yourself? E: Willing. I am such a mess. I make mistakes daily but I am willing to admit my wrongs, willing to try new things, willing to empower others, and I am willing to get out of my safety net.