Fifi Lapin: A Furry Fashionista

I didn't used to think of bunnies as exceptionally fashionable, but that was before I encountered Fifi Lapin. This illustrated rabbit has style in spades, and in the new book The Wonderful World of Fifi Lapin ($15, Chronicle), the furry fashionista shares a bunch of truly helpful tips. She shares a recipe for a delicious face mask made from normal kitchen supplies (honey, olive oil, lemon juice, carrots), gives advice on updating an old button-down shirt (change up plain buttons for something more unusual), interviews various fashion types and drops some style truths ("Polka dots and stripes never go out of fashion").

Basically, this book is adorable and you should absolutely check it out. Learn more about Fifi Lapin, the rabbit Vogue calls, "An unlikely -- but powerful -- fashion force," here. Incidentally, she looks great in everything.