Get Magnetic Nails

I'm not a manicure master, but I really love experimenting with my nails (CaviarSpider-Man colors? I'm in). Now you can treat your nails to a regular manicure and end up with a work of art, just by adding a little magnetic power. Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nails (available at any drugstore) give your nails a layered, 3-D look. Just put on a base coat and two coats of polish (standard), then run the included magnet over the top of each nail. The iron fillings in the polish formula are manipulated by the magnet to form a design of the magnet's making, like the one pictured here.

The procedure isn't a no-brainer -- it takes some delicate maneuvering to get designs that look perfect -- but the whole process is fun, and you're left with conversation-starter nails. Check out the 8 available colors and pretend you're in art class. Just play!