Practical Post of the Day: How to Treat Blisters

The scene: -Cutest pair of strappy sandals ever: BOUGHT. -Friday night: Put on new shoes for a night out on the town. Lookin' gooooood... -One hour later: Blisters forming. Uh oh. -End of night: Feet look like pepperoni pizza. DAMN THESE CURSED SHOES!

It's a scenario most girls are familiar with: to fall in love with a pair of shoes only to be stabbed in the back hours later. So what do you do the day after, when your footsies are begging for mercy? Blist-o-ban.

Blist-o-ban ($6.75) is an ingenious invention for just this kind of unfortunate situation. How does it work? A little dome of liquid on a bandage helps keep the friction away from your ouchie spot. Yes, it's meant for athletes, super hikers and endurance runners, but hey -- fashion victims count too.

Other options to try: Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions ($4, pictured) and Compeed ($11), which are patches of gel that sooth and basically elimimate rubbing. Until blisters heal, keep areas clean, dry and wear comfy shoes. Everyone needs an excuse to wear Uggs in the summer, right?