Youth Philanthropists: YOU

We just heard about a new survey that shows that 75 percent of young people said they gave money to a cause they believed in in 2011. Yay! That's amazing. Let's get 2012's participation up to 99 percent, okay? Even giving $5 can make a big difference -- it all adds up! Here are five of our favorite non-profits, totally worthy of your allowance:

 More Love Letters (like the one pictured!). Hannah Brencher, 23, sends hearts to people who really need them.

 Kids Caring 4 Kids. 19-year-old Kendall Ciesemier's organization has helped nearly 7,000 kids in Africa by inspiring 7,000 kids in the US to raise nearly $1 million.

 Just 1 Book. Sarah Dewitz, 12, wants every kid to have access to books.

 She's the First. This organization, which lets you help sponsor girls' education in the developing world, has a tie-dye cupcake bake-off to raise money. Join this year's event!

 Hug It Forward. How can a hug help build a school? Like this.