5 Essential Summer-to-Fall Pieces

It's barely perceptible, but we've already passed the zenith of summer! In preparation, I've begun to make smarter purchases. For example, today I'm wearing a new dress that I pointedly bought because I knew it would transition well into fall. My general rule of thumb when trying to buy a two-for-one item is that it should look good with tightsand a cardigan, so I can wear it in 85- or 60-degree weather.

Here are five items that will stay in your outfit rotation for months to come!

♥ Derby Darling Dress, Spotted Moth ($42, pictured). A girly frock with a horse pattern features one of our favorite trends as of late, the Peter Pan collar!

 Tweed Shorts, Urban Outfitters ($49). Throw a pair of black tights under these herringbone patterned shorts for a chic collegiate look.

♥ Dr. Martens Carrie Cut-Out, Shoes ($90). Normally tough Dr. Martens take a girly turn in these canvas, floral print oxfords. The cut-out give these shoes a sandal feel, but come September, they'll be ready for leaf frolicking with some cute anklets.

 Skinny Braided Belt, Gap ($20). Everyone needs a brown skinny belt; this one will look cute as an accent to any dress, or as a sweater cinch.

 Denim Boyshirt, Madewell ($88). In the cool summer evenings, this denim button-up acts as a light jacket; in the fall it's your go-to weekday/weekend shirt.