Cool Girl: Allison Wu, 17, Education Reformer

Confession: The summer I was 17, I was more interested in seeing free movies at my theater job than changing the world. But Allison Wu is a little more globally motivated. She's working locally and nationally to change education policy, advocating for improvements in the system. Allison first got involved when she read a 2009 article in TIME urging teachers to get involved in education reform. She thought students should be involved too, so she stepped up.

STEM education -- that's Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics -- is a big passion of Allison's, because it encourages hands-on activities like robotics and presents real-life interactions for students as opposed to textbook learning.

Allison hopes that more youth can get involved in rethinking the future of education. So what are you waiting for? Follow Allison on Twitter to keep up with her latest ideas and actions, if you like being inspired that way.