Cool Girl: Lily, 14, of LUV

Lily Zweig, 14, is on a mission to shine a light on true inner beauty. She says, "In our community today, appearance equates to beauty. There are so few girls who have the strength and confidence to look deeper within themselves and find their true magnificence. The surface is all that matters to them because that is all the world can see!" Lily herself struggled with big insecurities, comparing herself to other girls and wondering 'Why can't I look ilke her?' So, she started LUV (LiveUnique and Vibrant) to be "a safe haven for women of all ages to come and learn to feel better about their core spirit." We asked her some questions about her mission.

I Heart Daily: How did you feel when you were dealing with your own insecurities? Lily Z: I felt despair. But then I thought about other teenage girls who were facing similar issues, and I knew that I was not alone in what felt like the loneliest time.

IHD: Why did you create LUV as a blog? LZ: By writing about personal experiences, I was turning my negatives into someone else's positives. I want girls to establish a familiarity with that person in the mirror and see the true inner beauty they each possess.

IHD: Who in today's world do you think exemplifies inner beauty? LZ: Kristen Stewart. Sure, most people know her as non-smiling vampire girl. But I see her as a real representation of a woman we should all strive to become. She accepts her flaws, and loves her quirks, and enjoys being different!

IHD: What are you hearting right now? LZ: Right now I am in love with the book On the Road by Jack Kerouac. After I saw the trailer for the movie I was completely intrigued and encouraged to read this book, written in the 1950s. The powerful story is about three adventurers who spontaneously decide to take a road trip cross-country during what is known as the Beat generation. The movie is supposed to be released at some point in September, so keep your eyes open!

Find out more about Lily and LUV here -- don't miss her latest post about overcoming a fear of Summer Pool Parties. You can also find LUV on Facebook and twitter.