Doodle Your Thoughts: The Scribble Diary

I found a great find while reading my favorite Aussie magazine, Frankie. It's called the Scribble Diary, and it's just what it seems like -- a journal filled with 365 doodling prompts. Illustrator Lisa Currie conjured up this journal based on images, not words. Each page contains shapes and figures that will inspire you to draw and scribble. It's fun for everyone, but especially for those who are more visually orientated (i.e. more Picasso than Hemingway).

Even though I'm a writer, I sometimes get too lazy to form sentence after sentence about how I'm feeling, what I'm doing and where I went. With the Scribble Diary, I can just draw a heart or a sandwich and call it a day (sometimes the highlight of my day is a good sandwich).