Fun Summer Snacks!

Summer days are meant for crazy-fun activities, even in the kitchen. Here are four quirky finds from a catalog called Betty's Attic (ha!) that make us want to whip up some sunny-day snacks.  Magic Milk Straws ($18 for 48, pictured). These straws are filled with flavor beads -- vanilla, banana, cocoon, strawberry, etc -- to add flavor to your average glass of milk. Weird but cool!

 Retro Milkshake Maker ($40). Make frothy treats to cool you down during backyard sunbathing (with sunscreen)!

 Hello Kitty Cake Pan ($20). Your two-layer cake can be a cute kitty face. Instructions for icing and decorations are included, so it's paint-by-numbers easy.

 Instant Slush Mug ($11). Keep this guy in the freezer until you're ready for frozen treat, then pour in your liquid (lemonade is my current choice) and watch it thicken into an icy slushy in just 3-4 minutes. Cool magic!