Hear(t) It: Chicks with Hits

Let's hear it for the boys? Nah. Let's hear it for the girls! Let's hear it for -- Chicks with Hits. From the DJ-minds of Johnny Cocco and Winslow Porter comes this three-volume series of the best jams from female artists. As Team Cocco/Porter explain: "Getting tired of 'Call Me
 Maybe' and 'Somebody That I Used To Know'? This mix is a great 
alternative.  We
 compiled songs by our favorite female artists of the ‘80s and ‘90s and
 created a mix that’s ideal for hanging out, having a party, going on a
 road trip, or even working out at the gym."

I've been listening to this all day. A few of my favorites: Elastica, Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, Patti Smith, Hole, the Slits and the Cardigans. The list goes on and on... and... on.

There are 46 songs/artists on just Volume 1. Stay tuned for Chick With Hits Volumes 2 and 3 later this 

(Oh yeah, and it's totally free. Happy jamming!)

PS-Don't think I missed the logo homage Jem.