Mad for Mobiles!

My newest obsession isn't a lip gloss or a cute boy. It's something decidedly less obvious -- mobiles. I'm always looking for new ways to spruce up my home decor, and while posters and prints are the obvious choice, I've turned to mobiles to satisfy my whimsical desires. They hang on my ceiling -- sometimes still, sometimes swaying, and if my AC is on full blast, turning in circles. Here are three that will make you look up and cheer up!

♥ Songbirds Wooden Mobile, snugstudio ($55, pictured). Super cute, super amazing wooden birds in a very pleasing color scheme of pink, teal, orange and yellow. Your cat will have fun with this one.

♥ Themis Mobile, poketo ($29). These five colorful balls are inspired by the polyhedron. Take these into your geometry class for show-and-tell and you'll definitely score some bonus point.

♥ Flensted Bunny Mobile, nova68 ($40). While some bunnies like to hop, these ones like to chill in the air. It's made by go-to mobile makers, Flensted, so if you like what you see, check out their whole catalog for a menagerie of in-air delights.