Martha, 9, Takes on School Lunches

In May, Martha Payne, 9, from Scotland set up a blog called Never Seconds to show off the plates of yuck that were served in her public school at lunch. The photos, like the one at left, said it all, and her blog soon went viral -- millions of people started looking at it. Then her school district tried to shut her down, telling her she couldn't bring a camera to school (read about that here), but a groundswell of support rose up and made them reconsider. The blog is up! Martha, who goes by "Veg" on the blog, was inspired by all her readers to create an outlet for them to give back through a Fundraising Page on Just Giving, where she set a goal to raise £7,000 for Mary's Meals, a charity that works with local volunteers in countries like Malawi, Kenya and Haiti to help provide food for the children in school. So far, she's raised over £110,000 (that's more than $170,000). Go, Martha and her generous readers!

Martha's school district has agreed to hold a School Meals Summit this summer to talk about improving their fare. See? 9-year-olds can make things HAPPEN.