Pop, Pop, Popsicles!

For whatever reason, the Fourth of July makes me want a popsicle. Not ice cream. But an icy treat on a stick. P-O-P-S-I-C-L-E. Now, my palette has evolved a little as I've gotten older. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy the occasional astropop in all its patriotic beauty, but I kind of want more than just sugar water. This is where the Zoku comes.

What's a Zoku? Although it sounds like a Pokemon character, the Zoku is actually a "Quick Pop Maker." It turns liquid into a frozen pop in as little as seven minutes without electricity. "This must not be true," you say? It IS true.

Store the Zoku mold in the freezer until you have a pop hankering, then take it out, pour your ready or homemade concoction into the Zoku, and use the reusable plastic sticks the set comes with. Viola. Instant frozen tasty yummies. Now you can puree your own fruit blends and freeze it into an artisanal delight! Make stripes or pudding pops! And if you want, freeze... celery water? (OK, maybe not that.)

The Zoku comes in three sizes: Quick Pop Maker ($50), Duo Quick Maker ($36), and Single Quick Maker ($25). Oh, and they all come with drip guards. Zoku, will you marry me?