Retro TV: Old is New Again this Summer!

MTV's Retro Mania is bringing back some sweet stuff this summer. In July, every single episode of The Hills (seasons 1-6, yes six seasons, can you believe it?) will air from 9am-noon daily. While we take some issue with calling The Hills retro, since it was pretty much on about four seconds ago, we're not above a reality show marathon that takes us back through LC's drama factory and reintroduces us to the wonders of Justin Bobby, reality TV's love-to-hate-him resident bad boy. Also in August, MTV is bringing back a true classic for Retro Mania in the same morning time slot. Daria was originally on the scene in the late '90s, sending her biting wit in the direction of anyone who annoyed her (like her cheerleading little sister Quinn). With an incredible cast of support characters (clueless parents and worthy BFF Jane Lane, pictured with Daria with the awesome bob), this show is so, so worth a watch, whether it's your first time or a revisit.

Now, if MTV would just re-air The State we'd be all set. Happy July!