Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Beauty

The editors at Seventeen magazine know a thing or two (or a hundred) about beauty. And because they're nice and considerate, they've complied their knowledge into a great, picture-laden, glossy book: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty. After flipping through and reading all 191 pages (I really did), I can safely say that this is a treasure trove of useful information and tips. The guide is divided into three sections: makeup, hair, and a beauty resource guide. Makeup covers five different looks: girly, glam, classic, edgy, and boho. Each one features inspiration looks from celebrities and real girls, and gives step-by-step instructions on how to apply everything from a red lip to a galactic eye and romantic blushing cheeks.

The hair chapters cover waves and curls, braids and twists, sleek, ponies, and updos and buns. My hair being of the "sleek," straight and long variety, I definitely got some great summer hair ideas -- braids and updos, please! Finally, the resource guide gives fun ideas on things like nail art, and tips on skin care.

Even though the guide is broken up into certain "looks," the best part is you can mix-and-match the things you like best from each one and make them your own. I'm a little "edgy" and a smidgen "classic" -- shimmery eyes and bold lips, here I come!