The Animal Ring-dom

Mödernaked is a jewelry line that makes some of the most fun jewelry I've seen in awhile.

According to its profile, Mödernaked drinks "two liters of water everyday," and knows its name "sounds Swedish, but is actually a Spanish brand" (thank you for the clarification, ladies).

Its Etsy store just opened a few days ago, so the selection is small, but each piece is on point.  The rings (pictured) feature some of our favorite animals: bunny ears ($31), magical unicorns ($27), deer antlers ($31), and diminutive chihuahuas ($62) (and lest not we forget about the mighty French bull dog and wise owl!).

Also quite alluring are the many variations of skull rings. As for me, I'm sticking that chihuahua on my finger and calling it a day. Squee!