The Best Summer Pants

There are so many cute baggy, flowy pants to choose from this summer -- from harem styles to palazzos.With thin fabrics and loose cuts, these style will keep your legs cool while still looking h-o-t.

 Ditsy Geo Print Harem Pants, Forever 21 ($20, pictured). Harem pants are also known as parachute pants, which are also known as Hammer pants. All this adds up to AWESOME.

 Trousers with Pockets and Zips, Zara ($30, sale). Everyone needs at least one pair of crazy colored pants. This shocking hot pink pair fills that quota.

 Chambray Trousers, Old Navy ($33). Ease into these super cute trousers and you'll immediately feel the need to play a round of croquet or horseshoes. Chambray just does that.

 Floral Print Palazzo Pant, Wet Seal ($26). I had a similar pair of daisy-print palazzo pants in the 8th grade. I have fond memories of wearing them with a Stussy shirt. Today I'd choose a simple white tank.

 Wide-Leg Lounge Pant, Urban Outfitters ($39). These super soft and comfy pants should come with a warning: "If you put these on, you may never take them off." Seriously, I think I just read it on HuffPo.