Aromatherapy: 21 Drops

We've all inhaled the sweet smell of baking cookies and happily sighed; and on garbage days, we plug our noses and make "ew" faces. So it's no wonder that aromatherapy -- using essential oils for the purpose of altering moods -- really works. 21 Drops has conveniently packaged an assortment of 21 intoxicating scents for all sorts of ailments and enhancers: Calm, Uplift, Immunity, and even PMS Relief to name a few. Getting worked up during finals week? Try De-Stress and then Inspire to keep you going.

The ingredients that 21 Drops use are high-quality, therapeutic grade, 100% natural oils. Each blended oil comes in a color coded container, and sells for $29. Look good, smells good -- what else can you ask for? Maybe a cookie-scented option, but there's always room for #22, right guys?