Bunny Ears + Lip Gloss = OMFG

Revelation: Korean beauty brands have mad cute packaging! I came across two lines that have blown my mind with illegal amounts of cuteness: TONY MOLY and Etude. Take a look at these life-changing products: Bunny Gloss (pictured). Mascara and Lipstick tubes with kitty ears! Lotions and creams in Panda- and Dolphin-shaped containers!?! People, if too much cute could cause a heart attack, I'd need to start taking some baby aspirin.

And now my current makeup has never looked so boring. I know I'm an "adult," but I guess I'm Peter Pan-ish when it comes to my cosmetics. Some people may prefer sophistication over cuteness, but I will always prefer applying bunny-eared products to my face to a boring black tube of whatever.