Coloring Ryan Gosling

We loved the Indie Rock Coloring Book, but we're long done with filling in all its lines. So we're on the hunt for a new crop of coloring books for non-kindergarteners. Here are some recent faves to ensure that you don't lose touch with your inner Crayola girl.  Ryan Gosling Colour Me Good, I Love Mel ($12, pictured). If we can't have him in real life to bring us flowers, smile slyly and do the Dirty Dancing lift, we'll settle for this pen and ink version. I may color his abs first (yes, there's a shirtless page).

 Boy Bands, teamart ($9). Before One Direction, there were... well, a lot of other boy bands. And they were cute too. Check 'em out, maybe color them in.

 My Wonderful World of Shoes, Chronicle Books ($16). Fill in Kabuki pumps, 1970s clogs, Parisian heels and more with your pretty color choices. You'll feel like you're on Project Runway.