Cute Back-to-School Backpacks

Maybe when you get older, your It bag of choice will be something more chic and glamorous (Chanel? Givenchy?) but for now, you're stuck with the seminal backpack. You carry it every day, it serves a important purpose, and it must be sturdy to carry all those books that will make you totally smart. However, fear not! You don't have to sacrifice style for utility -- you can have both! Here are five that will get you through the school year.

 Multi-color Backpack, Poketo ($48, pictured). Even when you haven't studied for your trig exam and your dog ate your homework, this bright rucksack will cheer you up!

 Hershel Supply Company, Madewell ($55). A simple, smartly designed bag always looks good, and this collaboration between Hershel Supply Co. and Madewell makes us squee in utter delight.

 Brandy Floral Backpack, Tillys ($30). Floral patterns were everywhere this summer, and the trend continues into fall with this dusty rose, violet and white print.

 Canvas Backpack, Asos ($38). Rugged in a brown canvas with leather straps, you might want to wear an exploring outfit when you throw this one over your shoulders.

♥ L.L. Bean Deluxe Book Pack, L.L. Bean ($32, sale). For the serious student. No frills or fancy patterns here, but lots of roomy compartments and places to organize supplies. It may not have a lot of flair, but for a small fee, you can add some by monogramming your initials.