Cute Finds For Under $5

Sometimes I go to Starbucks and get a coffee, and I think, Did I really just spend $5 for a beverage? Yes, yes I did. But there's so much other fun stuff you can score for a fiver (or less!). Here are a few things that might even make me forgo caffeine:  Ooh La La Shopper's Tote, Forever 21 ($1.50, pictured). This bag has a French dog on it who may or may not be sporting a mustache. He's definitely rocking a beret. I'm smitten.

 Glow Bangles, x-treme Geek ($4.17 for 15). Um, you get 15 of these to wear up and down your wrist and they glow all night long!

 Bacon Flavored Popcorn, ThinkGeek ($2.50). I believe this one needs no further explanation.

 Green Wendy Sunglasses, Fred Flare ($1). These cat's-eye glasses make you look like the superhero (or supervillain) you are!

Now aren't these beauties worth digging up some couch change? Get to it!