Cute School Supplies

School is upon us, and the silver lining in that cloud is this: School supplies rule. Here are a few quirky finds that will fill your backpack with fun:  Lisa Frank Mini Erasers ($6, pictured). You cannot go to school without something by the master of day-glo rainbow unicorns in your bag. These are a good pick.

 Smencils ($14.50 for 10). Made from rolled up newspaper, these eco-friendly pencils come in gourmet scents like Razzle Berry and Pom-Paya.

 Sprout Bookmark Set ($8). It's like Biology right in the middle of English class!

 Pocket Notebooks ($6-8). You need an assortment of these, for all your big ideas (or to-do lists). Try adventurousmonster or Lomo style.

PS-We still stand by last year's suggestions, too!