iPhone Cases That Do "Stuff"

My iPhone cover has bear ears, so suffice it to say, it does not serve any functional purpose besides looking cute. However, I do often wish that my iPhone case did something... useful. If you're on the hunt for a new case, you'd be smart to check out one of these handy-dandy options. ♥ Retro Style Magic Drawing Board Case, rainbowNpromise ($25, pictured). New meets old with this magic erase board case. Sure, there are apps that mimick this exact idea, but sometimes analog is just way more fun.

 TRTL Stand, TRTLBOT ($30). I FaceTime with my family back in California, and holding the phone an arm's length away from my face just isn't far enough. That's why I'm into this case that has a built-in stand; it acts as a tripod so my niece and nephew don't have to see my mug in scary-close-up view.

 Button iPhone Case, MochiThings ($36). This case is so chic. With a foldover button-close flap, it features two inside compartments that hold things like library or credit cards for easy access.