Know Your Student Rights!

As you get ready to head back to school, we hope most of you guys are excited/nervous/ have good butterflies. But we know that for some students, school basically bites. Everyone faces tests and awkward social stuff and pain-in-the-butt moments. But if you're dealing with something more serious -- bullying, discrimination, etc. -- you should know that you have rights.

We love this video from the Teen Activist Project (TAP) at the New York Civil Liberties Union -- it outlines your power as students, with special aim at the LGBTQ community. Yes, it's specific to New York, but students all over the country have rights like these. You can learn about a lot of them on the American Civil Liberties Union website (find specifics relating to religion, Title IX, and even Facebook rights).

For now, sit back and watch, so you'll know your own power.