Magical, Unicorn Makeup

No matter how much we we wish beauty products could be magical (i.e. make eyelashes grow by the inch), the best they can do is provide a little temporary embellishment to what we were born with. These three unicorn-themed items may not contain any real unicorn by-products, but with a little imagination, and some squinting, I think some miraculous results can be had! Unicorn Farts Lip Balm, Long Winter Farm ($4, pictured). When I was a kid, my brother used to fart on my pillow before I went to bed. Nightmares ensued. Now, if they were unicorn farts, I'd probably have dozed off into a dreamland of rainbows and glitter clouds. The point is, unicorn farts probably smell good, just like this spearmint and pink cotton candy scented balm.

I Heart Unicorns Perfume, A Beautiful Life ($52). If we could get a whiff of a unicorn, would it smell like this scent of peppermint, lemon and pomegranate? Maybe! Spirtz yourself in this perfume and wear a horn for the full experience.

Airborne Unicorn Lipstick, Lime Crime ($16). Lime Crime makes some wicked lipstick colors, and this neon violet-purple hue is no exception. Fortunately, this tube has no chance of going extinct or being poached by hunters.