Manga for the Beginner Kawaii

Are you inexplicably drawn to big-headed creatures with huge eyes and weird outfits? Yeah, so am I. That's why I've been doodling things like cuddly dragons for the past hour. No, seriously: look. Want to learn how? I just did with Manga For the Beginner Kawaii. (Manga are Japanese comics andkawaii means "cute.") This genre of Japanese drawing takes everything in the universe and puts it through an adorable filter. From girls in bunny hats to huggable grim reapers and anthropormorphized ice cream scoops, there's nothing that can't be cutified.

Artist Christopher Hart put together this book with step-by-step instructions and illustrations from the best kawaii artists. At first, it may look intimidating, but give it a shot, because you'll be surprised at the results!

If you get good enough, next time you're nodding off in history class, you can sketch Abe Lincoln in a panda suit.