Pretty Key Necklaces That Give Back

Key necklaces are a cool thing on their own (even Tiffany & Co. took note of that), but with The Giving Keys, there's a whole nother layer of greatness because each necklace sold helps the world in a couple of different ways. First, founder Caitlin Crosby always wanted the keys -- which have engraved messages like STRENGTH and HOPE and DREAM on them -- to inspire the people who wear them. One of her rules for the necklaces is that once you buy one or are given one, you have to look for the next person who needs the message on your key, and then pass it on to them. Cool idea, right?

Then, Caitlin met a homeless couple named Rob and Cera, and she hired them to do the job of engraving the keys and making them into necklaces. The proceeds have gone to support them and get them off the streets; Rob is now in school and Cera is working full time. Plus they have a place to stay! The next plan is to donate proceeds to the shelters and transitional homes that were most effective in supporting Cera and Rob.

All this is to say that The Giving Keys, at $35 each, are a very cool thing. You can read stories of people who've bought and received keys, which are super inspiring. Maybe you'll add your own!