Trend We Heart: Vests

I've been seeing a lot of vests on the streets of New York City lately. Not like, fleece-zip-up-mom-and-dad vests, but cool-looking denim and patterned ones paired with cute shorts and boots. I've been inspired, so here are four that make me want to tap into my inner Blossom.

 BDG Animal Print Demin Vest, Urban Outfitters ($59, pictured). The leopard print on this denim vest makes it a little edgy with a hint of rawr.

♥ Studded Moto Vest, Forever 21 ($29). Yes, this looks like a motorcycle jacket with the sleeves ripped off... which means it is badass.

♥ Sleeveless Zip Hoodie, American Apparel ($38). Sometimes you just want a hoodie that lets you tan your arms at the same time. Problem solved!

 Sequin Chiffon Vest, Wet Seal ($25). Add the ultimate flair to any outfit with this gold or black sequin vest. It's like what Annie Hall would wear to the prom.