Zine Alert! Lost in the Supermarket

When we interviewed blogger Gabrielle Noone, now 18, back in 2009, she was mixing fashion and food and making zipper rosettes on her blog Quirky & Co. Now she can be found at Twelve O'Clocke, heading to Barnard in the fall and embroidering, thrifting and going to prom in an insanely cute ensemble. But our favorite Gabrielle update is this: She created a zine! Well, created and curated, because Lost in the Supermarket is filled with not only her musings, but also the work of teenage girls around the world. What's in there, you might ask? Well, the clues are in her call for submissions:

"Tell me about your first kiss and how you were super nervous because you just ate a bag of sour cream & onion chips and your breath really smelled. Talk about weird, late night encounters at the grocery store. Other ideas: memorable birthday cakes/baking experiments gone wrong/foods that you associate with your exes/strange cravings. +RECIPES: Weird munchie concoctions accepted." 

How amazing does that sound? I don't know about you, but I'm laying down a fiver right now.