Call Me Maybe? Retro Headsets!

I hate holding my iPhone up to ear when I'm calling someone; but I also don't like wearing a headset, or using bluetooth, or putting in an earbud. I am a particular person. However, I do love these retro headsets from Native Union, and they're always coming out with special editions that make even taking a call from a bill collector fun (pictured, $30-$40). Sure, they're not exactly compact or always convenient, but when I'm longing for the days of 1989, I can plug the coiled cord into my phone, lie on my bed, call my best friend, and talk about how Michele told Jennifer that Melissa said that Daniel thinks Christina is cute, but that Christina thinks Daniel wears cheap cologne.

Each headset comes equipped with a high quality speaker and mic, and is made from shatter-proof plastic. With so many options -- neonmetallicanimal printHello Kitty, and more -- it'll be a difficult decision to choose only one!