Cool Girl: Abby, 13, Takes on Plastic Bags

Lots of us hear news that makes us upset, but often we shrug and think, "There's nothing I can do about it." Abby Goldberg, 13, thought differently. Last year, for a project in her environmental awareness class, she decided to try to convince her town of Grayslake, Illinois to enact a ban on plastic bags (like the bans in LA and Seattle). That's when she heard about a proposed Illinois law, SB 3442, that would prohibit communities in the state from enacting such a ban. Instead of giving up, though, she decided to take action.

Abby created a petition on and raised awareness about the proposed law -- she got more than 170,000 signatures! The Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, vetoed the bill last week, and his office has said it was largely thanks to Abby's efforts. The legislature could still override the veto, but Abby is keeping the heat on and spreading the word via Twitter (follow her if this is your thing!).

Read her eloquent original petition and get inspired! What are you fired up about? And what will you do to change it? Tell us!