Cool Girl: Fashion Blogger Lucia, 16

Still Fashion Week in NYC, and that means we are lingering in the dreamy world of style bloggers. Today, Lucia, 16, who lives "near London," talks about her high-low shopping habits and the looks she puts together for Lucia's Loves. (Spelling is hers, and oh-so-Euro.)

IHD: What are you most excited to wear this fall? Lucia: I'm so excited to wear ankle boots. I adore them, especially my black Kurt Geiger ones with a small heel which go with everything. I love wearing them with black leggings and a silk shirt.

IHD: What was your best find this season? L: I went to TK Maxx [Yeah, that's "TJ" in the US] and got a white Theory silk shirt with a dip hem. It was originally £340 but because it was TK Maxx I got it for £50. I was so excited as it's not just my best steal of this season -- it's probably my best ever!

IHD: Your top wish-list pick? L: I wish I could splurge on an Acne leather jacket. They are just unbelievably gorgeous.

IHD: Got any signature items? L: Rings. I'm hardly ever seen without them, and if I forget to wear them I feel naked. This year I've even started putting a few bits of jewellery inside my school bag, in case I'm in a rush in the mornings and don't have time to put any accessories on.

IHD: Who inspires you? L: I have two friends who I always talk to about fashion. We're forever discussing our favourite models, and things we wish we could afford so I guess we inspire each other. I love Rumi Neely of fashiontoast, and Jenn Im of the YouTube channel clothesencounters. They both have such great style.

IHD: We always ask: What are you hearting right now? L: I'm loving Cara Delevingne, and have for about a year now and will continue to do so. I recently went to a Two Door Cinema Club concert too so I'm loving them and their new album which has just been released -- Beacon. Oh and a new found obsession with dark chocolate and sea salt. It sounds a little weird but seriously, it's the best combination ever.

Not weird -- delicious. Find Lucia on tumblr and twitter.